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Manpower Development Policy

There is a strong policy thrust towards manpower development and training. VICBRIGGS shall take this as a matter of priority and further encourages Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for all personnel. The Administrative Manager of the company is responsible for coordinating and organizing appropriate in-house courses and seminars.

Engineers, Technicians and skilled worker or labour do go on training in specialized areas of their various fields to acquire current skill that are required in the oil and gas sectors.  Nigerians shall be given the first consideration not only for employment but also for training in any project to be executed by VICBRIGGS NIGERIA.

VICBRIGGS shall try at all times to operate “Train the Trainer” system of capacity development. Under this program, a particular staff is sent on training with a view of offering him an opportunity to get trained and have him reproduce the training at our base for those who did not attend the training session with him. This creates opportunity for many of our personnel to get trained and acquainted with best industry practices and standards at a minimal cost.

Some of the In-house training courses covered include:

1. Working in a corporate LAN & Effective Data Management
2. Inventory Management & Materials Handling
3. Auto CAD Design – Basic Concepts
4. Standard Scaffolding, Fitting & Rigging Practices

Whenever necessary however, external experts/ Professionals could be arranged to conduct the In-House training sessions for our people.

VICBRIGGS is committed to manpower development and training of Nigerian staff required to perform the relevant tasks. We have chosen several procedures to achieve this objective. Some of these include:
• Training of Nigerian professionals by renowned certifying organizations such as DNV & Technologic Institute of Norway
• Seminars & Workshops
• Managerial & Technical Training opportunities
• Other inter-active approaches to encourage technology transfer

VICBRIGGS shall continue to unflinchingly encourage its professional employees to register with their respective professional bodies in Nigeria.
• where necessary support employees registration with professional bodies.
• when necessary sponsor employees registration with professional bodies.

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